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Kiip is a marketing and monetization platform that greets people in moments on their mobile and connected devices.

Moments are currency

We use moments to
delight users

We use moments to
promote brands

We use moments to
monetize apps

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Why Moments Work

Moments garner a measurable emotional response that builds positive associations for your brand or app.

*Be In the Moment: The Data Behind Mobile Rewards, IPG 2014

+160% Rewards boosted favorability

-60% Banner ads sacked favorability

Moments in Action

Understand Kiip and how we own the moment.

The Anatomy of a Moment

Our definition of a moment is simple and universal.


An event is an action within any app or site, including your own, where a moment can be observed and where a branded response is appropriate.


Context is any circumstantial clue that helps define the meaning of a moment; time, weather and location are a few examples.

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Moments Are Mobile

Life is always moving. That’s why life’s moments are inherently mobile—and Kiip is, too. Facts about our mobile moments:

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