Own the Moment

Moments add a revenue stream to your app in a way that authentically connects with your users.


Introducing Kiip Neon

A brighter solution for developer monetization.

Kiip Neon monetizes your app and grows your audience with one, easy-to-integrate toolkit.

With the Kiip Neon toolkit:

Add an incremental revenue stream
to your app

Increase your audience's engagement,
time spent and loyalty

Respectfully connect your users
with top brands


  • Server-to-server
  • Native mobile or web
  • Plugins for Unity, Adobe Air, etc.
  • MoPub adapter

Multiple Formats

  • Sponsored virtual currency
  • Real rewards and coupons
  • Native video
  • In-feed rewards

Superior User Experience

  • Customizable reward notifications
  • Designed for all screen sizes
  • Ability to white label units

Value-added Services

  • Premium reward opportunities
  • Deliver your own rewards
  • Survey your users

Boost audience retention and monetize your app with a single solution. How it works:

  1. Find your moments: Partner with Kiip to identify rewardable moments unique to your app.
  2. Delight your users: In these moments, Kiip will surprise & delight your users with real or virtual rewards as presented by our premium brand partners.
  3. Get paid: You get paid each time your audience redeems a reward.

On average, users who claim a Kiip reward will:

Spend 68% more total time in app

More than double the length of their typical session

Open the app 31% more often

Have 30% more lifespan

Stories From Our Partners

Learn more about our developers’ successes:

Retain your Audience

Perfect365 users who redeem a Kiip reward log 53.8% more sessions, spend 46.6% more time in app and have a 19.2% higher retention rate.

Monetizing Without Advertising

PikPok games continue to deliver Kiip rewards to users after they make a premium in-app purchase, when most developers turn advertising off. Why? Because PikPok users don’t consider Kiip advertising.

Authentically Connect with your Audience

Beat the Boss 3 player, Bryant Poole, won a Nerf gun for his in-app achievement. Days later, he wrote Kiip a thank you note sharing that he spends 90% of his time at doctors, hospitals or medical related places, and the reward made his day. In his words, “Working legs or not, we always try and be positive.” He continues, “It's things like this that can make a big difference in someone’s day or life and bring positive attitudes to people that don't have a lot.”

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