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Own the moment, and let people know it. As a Kiip partner, you enjoy the benefits of our press worthy platform, media relationships and industry-renowned CEO.

"...when you look at the advertising system evolving, it’s all about servicing the moment.”

Brian Wong, Forbes

On Our Business

"This fantastic startup allows brands to reach users by rewarding them at moments of achievement, engaging with them at their happiest." —The Drum

"The appeal is twofold. An advertiser greets users just at the moment they're feeling good about themselves, and the ad has tangible value." – Fast Company

"Kiip uses their highly refined style of "precision moments targeting" to provide mobile users with unique rewards that will be relevant to them." – Gamezebo

"2014 AlwaysOn Global 250 Top Private Companies" —Always On, 2014

"If there was ever an answer to “when is an ad not an ad?” this would be it." —TechCrunch, 2014

"This goes far beyond the annoying–and often irrelevant–banner ads that pop up during your email or web-browsing session. Instead, it captures the consumer at the very moment he has been engaged in an activity, offering him a meaningful and attractive reward that relates directly back to the consumer’s interest." – Forbes

"The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Mobile" —Fast Company, 2014

"Mobile Marketing Start-Ups to Watch" —The Drum, 2014

On Our CEO

“18 Most Important People in Mobile Advertising” —Business Insider, 2012

“Young Millionaires: Turning Time Into Currency at Age 23” —Entrepreneur, 2015

“Top 30 Mobile Advertising Influencers” and “Top 30 Most Influential People in Mobile” —Huffington Post, 2014

Forbes 30 under 30 —Forbes, 2012, 2014

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